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Hello and welcome back from Thanksgiving!

There are no due dates this week, 11/30-12/3. Note, however, that project 4 is due on Saturday, 12/5, 11:55 pm.

In the last two weeks of class, we have a few things to take care of, which you can work on at your convenience. Just  be sure to take note of the deadlines:

1) Finish project 4.
The last set of instructions is now on the WP site: go to “Schedule” then “Video Tutorial Schedule,” then “Tutorial Completion.”Due Saturday, 12/5, 11:55 pm. Last set of instructions is posted here, under “Schedule,” then, ” Video Tutorial Schedule.”

2) Wrap up blog posts for the second half of project 1.
The remaining 11 blog posts for project 1 are due at 11:55 pm on Friday, December 11, the last day of class. The rubric for these posts is found here.

3) Read the final exam instructions,
posted here. More info coming soon. For now, you can check out the instructions and start thinking about what to include in your portfolio.

4) IDEA surveys. Complete at your convenience until the survey closes on 12/11.


Ways to contact me:

Messages: Messages is our version of email on Sakai. I’ll try to use the Messages feature to contact you directly when I have a question or concern.

Email: When in doubt, send an email to or

Phone: My cell # is 909-996-5403. I accept text messages. Just make sure to leave your name and a specific question so I can get back to you as soon as possible.

Emergencies: Send emails to my gmail address or call my cell and leave a message. Notify me of emergencies as soon as you can and we can work out arrangements for you to make up the work, if possible, on days that you miss class.

My response time to you: If you ask direct questions via Messages or email or text me or leave a voice mail on my cell phone, I will generally reply back within a few hours or by the end of the day (within 24 hours at most). I check both my Messages on Sakai and gmail daily.

Class days/times: ONLINE. Work at your own pace to complete assignments before the deadlines on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See Policies for details.

Course Description: This course fulfills a General Education requirement for English Communication (ECw) and emphasizes the reading, research, and composing processes appropriate to writing in electronic environments. Designed to prepare you for writing situations within the academic curriculum and beyond it, WRT 235 will give you extensive practice in writing effectively, using information technology, and using artistic expression.  These four skill areas, required for the general education program at URI, are integrated into the assignments and activities of this course.  Projects will include the design and maintenance of Web log or “blog,” the writing of an entry for Wikitravel (a wiki-based Web travel guide), a networked learning project (in which you spend a few weeks learning one thing you’ve always wanted to know how to do, then create an online video tutorial and present to the class) , the creation of website for a social/political cause, and the design of a Web-based portfolio.

This course is open to all URI students, and it does not assume knowledge of Web design applications or other technologies for writing in electronic environments.

Course Goals

WRT 235 asks students to:

  • Identify the rhetorical situations calling for a wide range of responses
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of rhetorical choices
  • Demonstrate respectful negotiating behaviors in collaboration
  • Arrange texts appropriate to the rhetorical situation
  • Choose effective process, forum, and technology for the rhetorical situation
  • Design visually effective texts using appropriate technology
  • Identify and evaluate options for text production and circulation
  • Use current technologies to produce and deliver written texts

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