Blog Completion and Postwrite 9/29

Clubhouse Blog Completion and Postwrite: Due 11:55 pm Tuesday 9/29

1) Go to the Clubhouse Blog Links in the Sakai navigation menu to your left, and find the list of links to your classmates’ blogs.

2) Click on the links for the two students who come after your link. If this takes you to the end of the list simply start back at the top when you get past the last name.

3) For each of the two blogs you read, post a comment in response to the first post that answers the following questions:

  • How does the header image reflect the personality and tone of the blog? What suggestions do you have for improving the header if it doesn’t match the tone of the blog or the writer’s personality?
  • What about the writing do you enjoy most?
  • What details would you have added to the writing if this had been your post?

4) Review the blog project assignment sheet and rubrics once again and make sure you’ve met all requirements for this project. Complete the following postwrite and submit it along with your blog’s url in your Project 1 Drop Box folder on Sakai before 11:55 pm on Tuesday, September 29.


1) What is the topic and title of your blog? Why did you choose this topic and title?

2) How would you describe your design aesthetic? How does this aesthetic tie into your topic?

4) What about your blog works best? What needs the most work? Please explain both answers.

5) If you had to describe blogging to someone who had never done it, how would you describe it? What sets writing in the electronic environment of a blog apart from other types of writing?

6) Has this project changed your ideas on blogs and blogging? If so, how and why? If not, why not?

7) What is your plan for maintaining your blog throughout the semester and adding the remaining posts so that you have 12 before the last day of class on 12/11? See Project 1 rubric part II for more information.


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