Blog Exploration 9/15

Blog Exploration: Due 11:55 pm on Tuesday 9/15

1) Read Rebecca Blood’s essay on the history of blogs.

2) Write a post (200-300 words) to the Reading Responses Forum (under the “weblogs: a history and perspective” thread) in which you respond to this article. You can write about what surprised you, or did not surprise you, what you found interesting or wanted to learn more about, or what you agree or disagree with. Also, somewhere in this response please discuss your own history with blogging: have you ever regularly read a blog, have you ever written a blog, have you ever used a blog in previous classes, etc.

3) Choose two of the following blogs from the list below, spend a little time reading their posts, and then write a post (200-300 words) on the Reading Responses Forum (under the “Blog Comparison” thread), in which you compare and contrast the two blogs. What is similar or different about their content? What is similar or different about their design and layout? What can you tell about each of the blog’s audiences by the comments responding to posts? Which of these blogs would you be more likely to visit on a regular basis, why?

4) Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts on both Forum Threads. Your response can be brief, and simply needs to address what you agree with, disagree with, or in any way relate to about the original post.

AMERICAblog’s daily posts about our nation’s government.
Ask A Ninja: Users submit questions to the ninja, and the ninja then answers said questions in hilarious fashion in short videos.
Boing Boing: always being updated with interesting factoids and newsblips from around the world… fun, interesting material. If you’re ever in need to dig up some conversation material to impress your friends and peers, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for on this blog.
BoldCareer: Planning a career and getting a good job isn’t exactly that easy, but our friends have created a blog just for that reason alone. Start reading today so you can be better prepared to move on with your life and have a stable job when you graduate tomorrow.
43 Folders: will keep you productive with tips, tricks, and hacks to make your personal and professional life all the more better…If you’re new to reading blogs or don’t think they can be entertaining, 43 folders will surely prove how much they can be of help to students.
College v2,: a blog that keeps the tabs on everything college… get tips and tricks to make your study habits, better than everyone else’s, but also stay on top of the political and financial aspects of attending school.
Gizmodo: updates everyday with what’s new and neat in the world of technology and consumer electronics.
Kineda: lifestyle and entertainment blog, has the perfect mix of entertainment news, health and fitness tips, and ways to liven up the party that rivals that of many popular newsstand publications.
Lifehacker: making your life more productive, easier, and most importantly, more fun.
Life Without Pants: Work Smarter. Live Better. Pants Optional.
Perez Hilton: If celebrity gossip is your game, then “Hilton” is here to play, documenting Hollywood and it’s inhabitants daily so you don’t have to wait for that new issue of The Star to make it to the checkout line.
Positivity Blog: will help you in becoming that positive social butterfly with its daily tips on how to be a better person and build stronger relationships. You’ll be surprised after just reading a few posts how even simple little blog posts can have a big impact on your life.
Today Is That Day: you’ll constantly be reminded of the need to be in control of your emotions and feelings, which in turns means being in control of your life.
Treehugger: a blog devoted to helping each and every one of us make this wonderful planet a better place to live in.


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