Drafting Your Posts 9/22-9/23

Drafting Your Posts: Due 11:55 pm Tuesday 9/22 and Wednesday 9/23

1) Read the Project 1 assignment sheet and rubric

2) Watch Features of Good About Pages. Note how many times I mention these words: “specific details…”

3) Post a draft of your “About” page and one sample post to the Drafting & Peer Review Forum. THEN for the two posts BELOW your own, respond to the following questions about their writing. If you’re the last two post, you respond to the FIRST TWO students who posted:
• How does the “About” page provide a clear and interesting description of who the author is, and why they are writing this blog? If this isn’t accomplished, how can the description be improved? Be specific.

• Where in the sample post is the blogger’s personality most evident through use of specific detail? Where can the blogger’s writing be improved by more thoughtful/specific detail or word choice, examples to illustrate their point, or anecdotes?

• Does the first post present an interesting “jumping off point” for the blog that both introduces you to the content and style of the blog, while making you want to come back for more? If so, how is this accomplished? If not, how can it be improved?

• If no hyperlinks are included in the first post, where might the blogger include one?

4) Answers to peer review questions about the two posts submitted below your own are due before 11:55 pm on 9/23. If you’re the last to post, respond to the first two students who posted.


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