Starting Your Blog 9/19

Starting Your Blog: Due 11:55 pm on Saturday 9/19

As you’ve been learning from the class readings, the past decade of Internet culture has given rise to the weblog, or blog, as one of the most pervasive and accessible forms of media ever created. In fact, according to Technorati, over 133 million blog records have been indexed since 2002, with more than 175,000 new blogs being created every single day. The canon of this new media ranges from the ridiculous to the political, and from the sacred to the profane. And now it’s time for you to add your own voice to the blogosphere through a personal blog of your own.

Your personal blogs will be of the clubhouse blog variety that Stefanac described, meaning that you’ll be making your blog a “clubhouse” for your readers. These readers might be your dorm mates or your classmates; fellow gamers or celebrity gossip hounds, or any specific interest group that you want to speak to. What’s most important is that you pick a topic you feel passionate about, find the right voice, and engage in a compelling exploration of your own ideas and opinions.

We’re going to work on the writing first, then the design.

In the Invention Activities  Forum, under the My New Blog topic, post a new thread that answers the following questions:

Topic: What is your topic? Is it specific enough but not too narrow? Discuss the specific stimuli to which your blog entries will respond.

Audience: Describe the audience that you’d like to attract. What types of things do you imagine this audience would like to see and read? What would they not like to see?

Personality: Describe the style that you’ll be aiming for in both the writing and design of your blog. How will it rhetorically support your blog’s concept and focus?

Based on all of your above answers, list a few alternative titles for your blog as well as a  few potential post ideas.


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