Work day 9/24-9/28

Work day: Set up your blog, create a custom header, find copyright free images Due 11:55 pm Monday 9/28

1) Set up your blog on WordPress, as instructed in the WordPress blog setup video. Remember, unless you’re sure of your blog title, your URL must be formatted like this: Example: mine would be If you find that this URL is not available, try adding your first name or initial.

2) Another part of the Project 1 rubric focuses on your blog’s visual design. WordPress provides easy tools for customizing standard templates, and you should do what can to make your blog template your own. Follow instructions for how to create a free, custom header image for your blog.

3) Take a few minutes to watch these additional videos for important information on adding hyperlinks (if you don’t know how to do this already), changing the size of text, and using copyright free images (this is especially IMPORTANT): Adding a hyperlink, Changing size of text, how to find COPYRIGHT FREE IMAGES.

4) When your blog is updated with the About page and first post, email your blog URL to before 11:55 pm on Monday 9/28


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