Portfolio Planning 12/8

Planning session 1: Due 11:55 pm Tuesday, 12/8

1)Read the Final Exam instructions.

2) Read “Chapter 2: Planning an Electronic Portfolio” (p. 14-19).

3) Peruse a student sample portfolio. She chose to create a writing portfolio, but keep in mind that you don’t have to create a portfolio that showcases writing samples if you’d rather collect different artifacts.

4) Add your thoughts to the Reading Responses “Portfolio Planning session 1” thread on Forums. Write a paragraph of brainstorming on the possibilities you’re considering for your portfolio and make sure to address the following:

1) What are three specific ideas from  chapter 2 that will help you create your portfolio for this class?

2) What kind of artifacts would you like to add to your own portfolio? If you’re considering various directions and can’t decide, which direction do you feel most strongly about pursuing? What feedback would you like from your instructor?

3) What might be a good way to organize the artifacts and the pages of your website?