Tutorial Completion 11/30-12/3

This week, you should work on finishing up your video tutorial. Here’s a “To Do list” to remind you of what should happen this week. Remember: project 4 is due before 11:55 pm on Saturday, December 5.

-Record your video with the project 4 instructions and rubric in mind.

-Upload to youtube. If you’ve never uploaded videos to youtube before, here’s a super quick overview of how it works.

-Revise the written instructions to accompany your video.

-Answer postwrite questions below.

-Submit the link to your youtube video, postwrite, and written instructions (all 3 items on one MS Word document please) to project 4 Drop Box folder.


1)How did your written instructions complement your video? What do these two pieces (video and accompanying instructions) show you about writing for electronic environments?

2) What was satisfying to you about either the process or the finished product?

3) What did you find difficult and frustrating about this project?

4) What did you learn about yourself as you worked on this piece?