Intro to Project 3 10/20

Intro to DoSomething.Org: Due 11:55 pm on Tuesday 10/20
That’s two projects down and two to go until the final web portfolio! Great job, everyone! Next, we’ll be creating websites. Let’s get started with some background information…

1) Read over the Project 3 assignment sheet very carefully. This project has several components, so be sure to make note of how they work together, as well of how each needs to be distinct from the others.

2) Read Danah Boyd’s “Can Social Network Sites Enable Political Action?” danahboyd and Lance Bennett’s “Digital Natives as Self—Actualizing Citizens” WLanceBennett

3) Watch “ Who we are.” Visit Create a free account and poke around. Explore a variety of campaigns, according to “Cause,” “Time,” and “Type.”

4) Post a response to the Intro to thread on the reading response forum in which you: 1) compare and contrast the two articles; 2) discuss your initial reactions to, particularly why you think sites like are important, and why/how they are successful in engaging young people to be more civic-minded. THEN make sure to respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts.

5) Begin thinking about topics for your own campaign and what kind of sources you might use for your annotated bibliography.


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