Analyze a campaign 10/22

Rhetorical analysis of a campaign 10/22

1) Read OWL’s introduction to rhetorical situations

2) Read Bullock on purpose, audience, genre, stance, and media

3) Create an account on Explore the site and read 5-6 campaigns. NOTE: you have to click “SIGN UP” and enter your account info to view the entire text of the campaign. Choose your favorite campaign and analyze it in terms of the rhetorical situation: purpose, audience, genre, stance, and media. Answer each question (or set of questions) in a short paragraph on the Analysis of campaign thread on forums:

Purpose: What is the purpose of the campaign? How is the campaign successful in fulfilling its purpose, i.e, if the campaign wants to change viewers’ minds about an issue, how does the language, use of color and images, facts and research, etc. change viewers’ minds?

Audience: Who is the audience for this campaign? What might the audience’s background (education, life experience, interests) be? How does the presentation of the campaign (i.e., the language and images) show that the writers are aware of their audience’s needs/background/experience?

Genre: What is the main strategy for organizing information for this campaign in the online environment of How does the campaign page make it easy for viewers to find what they’re looking for quickly?

Stance: What is the writer’s stance or attitude toward the topic in this campaign? What kind of tone does the language take, and why is it effective?

Media: Why is an electronic environment a suitable medium for this campaign? Would a 10-12 page research paper written for the intended audience, addressing the tame topic, be as effective in getting the viewers to do something about the issue? Why or why not?

4) In the invention forum list at least three ideas you have for project 3 (the issue and the campaign idea). Comment on at least three classmates’ posts and let them know which ideas you think are best for this project.

NOTE: A good cause to create a campaign for is one that can be researched (like the hunger example above), and one for which you can answer the questions on the submission application.


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