Design Analsysis & Site Outline 10/30

Design Analsysis & Site Outline: Due 11:55 pm Friday 10/30

Post a message to the Rhetorical/Design Analysis and Site Outline thread on the Invention Forum in which you:

1) Perform a brief rhetorical and design analysis of the site that you envision will best support your cause. Consider the following questions in your post:

  • Who is your audience? What does your audience probably know—or believe—about your topic? What do you need to tell them?
  • What is your purpose and what are the best ways to achieve your purpose?
  • What should your stance be? What tone should you take?
  • What should your site look like?
  • How should it function? What organizational strategies should you use to make the site easy to read and navigate?

2) Outline your plans for your campaign’s components/pages. This should include a sentence or two describing your plans for each of the following:

  • Describing your cause
  • Timeframe
  • What are you asking people to do? Donate something? Host an event? Improve a space? Make something? Share something? Start something? Take a stand?
  • DO IT

* Remember, your solution must be one that anyone in the U.S. can participate in. Will the 4 above components be separate pages, or included on one page?

  • 10 background facts
  • Anticipated FAQs
  • Integration of media and graphics
  • Works Cited page

3) Respond to at least 2 of your classmates’ posts—what do you think will work well? What sounds confusing and needs more clarification?

4) Watch the Weebly Tutorial and then start to get a feel for Weebly’s templates and site-building tools by beginning to build your own site. Make sure to start this early so you can email me with any questions you have.


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