Intro to Wikitravel 10/1

Wikitravel Exploration: Due 11:55 pm on Thursday 10/1

Welcome to project 2!

For this project, we’ll be working within wikis. Let’s jump right in…

1) Watch the YouTube interview with Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales.

2) Go to the Jimmy Wales Wikipedia Video Topic in the Reading Response Forum, and share your reactions to the video. Please include thoughts on the following, as well as on anything else that stood out to you:

  • What were your previous conceptions about, and experiences with, Wikipedia? Did anything in the video change these ideas or surprise you in any way? How and why?

  • What do you think the creation of Wikipedia does for writing in electronic environments?

  • Compare and contrast the writing that occurs in the electronic environment of a wiki to that of a blog. What do you see as some of the main similarities and/or differences?

3) Comment on 2 of your peers’ responses.

4) Start Exploring Wikitravel by reading the following pages:

Welcome, Newcomers
Community policies
Goals and non-goals
Plunge Forward

5) Then, poke around the site a bit on your own. Just check things out as they interest you. For now, just get acquainted with the site. We’ll do a through investigation of it next week.

6) After you read the above pages and finish exploring, post your initial reactions to Wikitravel on the Wikitravel Responses topic in the Reading Response Forum.


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