Wikitravel Ideas & Invention 10/6

Wikitravel Ideas and Invention: Due 11:55 pm Tuesday 10/6

1) Read over the Wikitravel Assignment Sheet

2) Read the following pages on Wikitravel: What is an article?, Article templates, Travel topics, Itineraries

3) Then read “Kingston, Rhode Island,” “Ann Arbor,” and a few entries (articles and itineraries) of your choice, focusing on areas you know well.

4) In the Wikitravel Ideas topic on the Invention Activities Forum, list 3 places (in order of preference) that you think you might want to focus on for this project. Will you create a new article or itinerary, or will you add to already existing ones? Explain how and why your 3 potential place choices will add value to what already exists.

5) THEN respond to 3 of your classmates’ forum threads, telling them which you think is their best idea.


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