Wikitravel Peer Review 10/13-14

Wikitravel Peer Review: Due 11:55 pm Tuesday 10/13 and Wednesday 10/14

1) Using what you learned from the Manual of Style and the Markup page, draft as many sections of your article/itinerary as you can and post them to the Wikitravel Drafts topic on the Invention Activities forum. The more content you post, the more feedback you’ll receive, so try to get your whole piece ready for review. Make sure you include all necessary markups.

2) Reply to the 2 students whose drafts are posted BELOW yours before 11:55 pm on 10/14. If you’re the last to post, you respond to the first two students at the top of the list. Make sure to complete all the following tasks for each writer whose work you review:

  • Comment on what’s working. What, specifically, is done well?
  • Offer 3 specific suggestions for how you think their drafts might be improved by following the Wikitravel conventions of tone, words to avoid, and description and vague language on the don’t tout page:

Describe, don’t urge

Use the indicative mood to describe (“The food at Restaurant X is freshly prepared when ordered.”), rather than the imperative mood for commanding (“Come to Restaurant X and sample its delicious fare straight from the oven!”).

Avoid using flowery, vague terms

in descriptions, instead describe why it is so great. “This stunningly wonderful hotel is fabulously luxurious!” is meaningless; “More staff than guests, three heated swimming pools, and each room has a jacuzzi, a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace and panoramic windows with views of the Mighty Mountains” tells much more. “Good music, terrific staff and a great atmosphere” could apply to any bar; “Dark, smoky den crowded with local hipsters, with knowledgeable bartenders and live jazz on Fridays” gives some idea of what to expect.

  • Offer specific suggestions for how the writer’s markups can be improved by following the guidelines on the Wikitravel Markup page, or how the drafts in general can be improved by following any of the guidelines outlined in the Manual of Style.

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