Wikitravel Writing Due 10/17

Submitting Your Wikitravel Project: Due 11:55 pm Saturday, 10/17

1) Watch Tutorial Video that reviews how to create an account and edit a page on Wikitravel.

2) Sign up for a Wikitravel account, if you don’t already have one.

3) Go to the page you will be editing (if it exists). If it doesn’t exist, follow the instructions for creating a new page found on How to start a new page and watch the overview of how to Create a New Page.

4) Click on the edit tab at the top of the page.

5) Make all of your edits, add your content, etc.

6) When you have finished editing your page (Don’t forget to save it!), copy and paste only your  original  content into a Word Document, and name this document, “Your Name Wikitravel Content”. Although I can use the history function to check your new content, this will ensure that I see your exact work in case anything gets changed on the live site.

7) Copy and paste the URL to your article at the beginning of your MS Word document and upload the document to your Project 2 Folder on Dropbox.

If you are having any trouble with this, message me through Sakai, or email me.

NOTE: If you will be using any images on your Wikitravel page, you must use only your own photographs or public domain images. For good sources of public domain images, see the links listed on the page for Wikipedia public domain images.

Wikitravel Postwrite

Once you have submitted your Wikitravel Assignment, answer these questions in a MS Word document and upload to your Project 2 Dropbox folder.

1) What is your Wikitravel location? Was this a new entry or a revision/addition?

2) Please describe in detail what changes you made to the page, or what you included in your new page.

3) Describe how you researched the information that you added to your page.

4) How did you decide that you had done enough work to suffice for this project?

5) Do you feel that this project allowed you to fully participate in an information ecology? Why or why not? Please explain.


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