Final Grade Distribution:

Five project grades – 70%
Online participation – 30%

Projects and Other Assigned Work:  See the Projects page for complete descriptions of each of the four major projects.  Other assigned work for this course will include:

Assigned work in the Online Participation category will include:

Activities on Sakai Forums: On the Forums feature of Sakai, you will submit reading responses in which you share your thoughts on and reactions to articles, videos, or other readings throughout the course. Additionally, you will be asked to comment on classmates’ responses. These reading responses will be graded if they are submitted on time. Late responses receive no credit.

Forums is also the place where you will show some of the process work for the five projects—invention ideas, drafts, and peer review responses.

Postwrites: At the conclusion of each of the five writing projects, you will prepare a “post-write” and submit for a grade on Sakai’s Dropbox feature.  Among other things, these reflective pieces will ask you to consider how well you think you did on your writing project, what the project’s strengths and weaknesses are, and how you think the project has helped your learning in this course.

Writing Workshops: Writers share their writing and get feedback and opinions from other readers. We’ll have peer review workshops for most major projects. It isn’t easy to “expose yourself” via your writing, and everyone comes with different experiences regarding peer review. Bring what you know about peer review, and I’ll teach you some helpful strategies that you can use long after WRT 235. Writing workshop contributions will be graded based on how specific, constructive, and thoughtful your comments are.

Grading Scale:

A    93-100   C+  77-79

A-   90-92     C    73-76

B+  87-89     C-   70-72

B    83-86     D+  67-69

B-   80-82     D    60-66


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