Project 4: Video Tutorial

Project 4: Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial Rubric

So close to the end! Your job in this project can be summed up as follows: Learn something you’ve always wanted to know how to do, using only the Internet. Then show me what you learned by creating a short video tutorial of approximately 5 minutes (minimum).

Guidelines and requirements:

1) Brainstorm a list of topics for your tutorial. Your video can show us any process you want—how to make homemade Nutella buttercream frosting, how to properly groom a poodle, how to give your roommate the perfect haircut, etc. The possibilities are kind of endless! Within reason…I suppose…

The only thing is—finish before December 4th and choose a task that you can learn from watching other online videos or reading about on online help forums. Take what you will from the online sources and then create your own take on how to complete the task and what you learned from the experience of trying it out yourself.

*To see all kinds of examples of what we’re looking for in this project, go to YouTube and search for “msu networked learning project.” You’ll find examples for how to create an urban garden, how to bake a pie, DIY French manicure…etc.

2) Give yourself enough time for online research. Give yourself enough time to practice the task. Give yourself enough time to record your video. I recommend typing a script for yourself and practicing a few times before you record…this might be faster than trying to wing it on camera as you go.

*Note: you can record your tutorial using an iPad, or your phone (or have someone else record you), or any other camera equipment you have on hand. WRT 235 is a lab fee course, so you are entitled to check out recording equipment on campus. See the Writing & Rhetoric Production Lab page for a list of what is available to you. The lab hours are:

MWF 10-4pm

T 1-4pm

TH 11-4pm

3) Create a free account on YouTube if you don’t have one already. Upload your video and make it public so I can access it.

4) Create a set of written instructions to accompany your tutorial. Think of this set of instructions as a “recipe” for recreating the product you’re showing us in the video tutorial. Think about how you would summarize the tutorial instructions in a way that’s quick and easy to read so readers understand what they need to know/do first, second, third, etc. Think Goldilocks and the 3 Bears—not too much detail, not too little, but use just the right amount of detail to be informative and useful without copying the text from the tutorial verbatim.

To submit Project 4 for assessment, submit the following MS Word document to your Project 4 forum on Sakai before 11:55 pm on Saturday, December 5. Please include all the following, in order, on a single MS Word document:

  • The link to your YouTube video
  • Project 4 postwrite response
  • Written instructions to accompany your video tutorial

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