Project 5: Digital Web Portfolio

This is our final exam! Due 11:55 pm Friday, December 18

Digital Portfolio Rubric

Create a Web-based portfolio, or “exhibition” to collect and present a group of writings or other artifacts of your creativity: drawings, internship documents, photography, coursework, etc. of any collection of artifacts that is important to you in some way.

Main tasks for this project:

1) Learn about writing and other kinds of portfolios. Basically, all portfolios share a collection of artifacts (documents, photos, videos, and multimedia compositions) as well as reflections (usually text). Reflections prepare Web readers/viewers to engage the artifacts. Reflections answer questions like the following: Where did this collection of artifacts come from? What are the parts of the collection? Who produced or assembled these artifacts, under what conditions, and to what purpose?  What is the meaning of this collection as a collection? What does it say about the one who produced or assembled it?

2) Establish a Web site on (We will study how to establish a Web site as opposed to a simple blog as part of the work on this project.)

3) Assemble a collection of works to represent on your WordPress site. If you’re developing a writing portfolio, this step will involve tracking down old papers or drawings or photographs, formatting them for the Web, uploading them, and so on. For other collections of works, assembling your portfolio may involve taking pictures, videos, making sound recordings, or otherwise digitizing whatever collection you’re presenting.

“Curate” your collection of works on your WordPress site. In general, you should provide orienting texts, including reflections or explanation of key works. As the site’s creator, you will also have to think about visual design and navigation.

4) To submit project5 for assessment, e-mail a link to your site. Due date: 11:55 pm Friday, December 18.


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